Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our new Frequently Asked Questions section. As we receive common questions about Idaho, the security business, or the services we offer we will be posting them and their answers here. Please feel free to send us any questions you might have!

Private security guards, also known as security officers, have become increasingly important in our society, and the security industry is one of the fastest growing in the country. Security guards protect their employer's investment, enforce rules and laws on the property, and deter criminal activity or other problems.


Do I really need security services?

This is a really good question, and we think the most important one. Especially since most agencies, businesses, and private parties do not evaluate their security needs until it is too late. North Idaho is a beautiful and generally safe place to live and vacation. However, like all places, crime does still occur. Often times there are no warning signs or patterns for losses caused by criminal intent. Often times many find that prevention could have been easier and cheaper than the insurance claims and/or damages and losses caused by a violation of person or property.

It is important to always evaluate your security needs on an ongoing basis. We offer many affordable services that are flexible to suite a wide range of needs. We can assist in the evaluation and decisions you make regarding security. From alarm systems with monitoring to full time guard, patrol and loss prevention observation, we have it all. So please don't wait. Nothing can erase the pain and frustration caused by a violation. Your free security consultation is just a call or message away.


What are the considerations when requesting security services?

The first step is to determine what needs to be protected. Then you can evaluate what level of protection is desired. We have so many services we offer it would be too much to duplicate here. However, we offer a free consultation to go over these considerations and find out what is affordable and best for your circumstances.


How do I know if my security solution is working for me?

Often times security deters undesired activity altogether. Why bother with secured persons or property when shady deeds are easier elsewhere. That is the beauty of it. Prevention is often much more effective than catching people in the act. However, we do offer logging and/or reporting services with some of our packages so you can see that your solution is working for you.


What are the advantages of using a security service?

Many larger entities are often tempted to bring their security services in house believing that is the most simplistic and affordable way to handle their specific needs. However, a security service handles security needs with the utmost of efficiency, allowing us to keep costs down. Just some of the many advantages of using a service are: interviewing and evaluations for new personnel are difficult, but essential in order to find the right person for any given position, and we are experts at finding good honest people keyed to a clients needs; background checks and other considerations have already been taken care of; a certain amount of training has already been completed; and personnel can be reassigned or terminated easily since they work for us. Protection, satisfaction and efficiency are always our goal.


What are the typically duties of a security officer?

Although all security guards have many of the same responsibilities, they can vary depending on our client's needs. In addition to intrinsic duties like: becoming closely acquainted with the property they are protecting and the people associated with it; demonstrating good judgment and common sense; follow directions, directives, policies and guidelines to achieve the goal of safety and protection for people and property, they can also: interact with the public; take charge and direct others in emergencies or other dangerous incidents; and even detain people for the purpose of assisting the police in enforcing law. The options for duties and responsibilities are almost endless. This is why we ensure each of our employees are trained to know what to do no matter what the situation.


What does the terms armed, non-lethal, or unarmed mean?

Armed guards are specially trained in the use of firearms and licensed to carry firearms during their shift. They must be of an even temperament and have a good understanding of the conditions surrounding the property they are protecting. Armed guards are typically only be used in situations requiring the protection of money, jewelry, art works, firearms, or other objects which might attract armed robbers.

Non-lethal guards are trained in the use of non-lethal weapons that are designed to incapacitate a person without causing permanent harm. These can include but are not limited to: tasers or stun guns, rubber or bean bag bullet firearms, mace or pepper spray.

Unarmed simply means that the security personnel do not carry complex offensive weapons of any kind. While this can be viewed as undesirable, unarmed officers are typically the most common, non-threatening and effective form of security personnel available.


What specifically do the terms uniformed or plain-clothed mean?

The decision to have a uniformed guard or a plain clothes guard should simply be based on whether it is more important for you to deter people or to catch them in the act. Keeping people honest is often cheaper and much less time consuming than catching them in an act of dishonesty. In commercial situations uniformed guard can be very effective in deterring customers and employees in gross acts of dishonesty. Plain clothes guards, on the other hand, are essential for stopping shoplifters because they blend in and are discreet.


What if my question was regarding a topic not covered here?

No problem at all. Please just give us a call or drop us a message from our contact page and we can assist you further. Thank you for your time!


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